Protein Drinks

Protein Drinks – How They Can Help Build Your Muscle

Protein drinks make it possible for an individual to build muscles quicker than normal. Ideally, all body muscles require proteins in order to grow and repair themselves where necessary. Protein drinks provide high levels of protein per serving. Without the protein component, no matter how an individual may exercise, he/she will simply not achieve strong muscles.

The Role Of Protein

Protein is a natural component of any diet. Your body requires protein as part of a complete and healthy balanced diet. However, you will need to consume slightly more protein drinks than normal especially if you are after building muscles.

In the same way, this component is used in the creation of enzymes and hormones that strengthen your immune system. Insufficient amounts of protein lower the ability of your body to maintain its cells. This may result in health problems.

Protein drinks provide large amounts of protein in small doses. These drinks should only be used as supplements and not at meal replacements. Eat your meals normally and take your protein drinks after workouts or between meals. Replacing them with your meals will result in a slowed metabolism rate and loss of muscle mass.

Ideally, these protein drinks are very tasty. However, it is possible to make them taste even better by mixing them with water, milk, juice or fruit. Put your fruit in a blender and add protein powder. The result is called a smoothie protein drink and is a great choice especially for muscle builders because of its natural composition.

The Best Time To Take Protein Drinks

Protein drinks work best when taken after workouts or physical exercise. Your body is most active at this point and protein drinks will only give your muscles what they require to build up and grow stronger. Also, during workouts some cells die and while other new ones grow. Protein components help repair microscopic tears that may result from physical activity. This in conjunction with exercise quickly repairs your body muscles and reduces the time required to recover and build muscles.

Taking The Right Types Of Protein Drinks

Just like any other product, protein drinks also come in different types. It is therefore important to find out the different types available as well as what they offer. An example is whey protein. It has very high biological values and is therefore deemed as a “complete” protein. This type contains both essential and non-essential amino acids. Different types of protein sources include milk and whole eggs. However, some types of protein such as those from eggs and whole milk lack in all amino acids that is necessary for your body.

How Much Protein Is Ideal?

With protein drinks, you just need to drink sufficient amounts so as to quicken muscle growth and repair. The required amount of protein for your body will depend on your weight. Ideally, every pound of body weight requires at least a gram of protein in your drink. If you weigh 150 pounds, for example, you should take 150 grams of protein per day. Finally, excess protein drinks during exercises only speeds the time required for your body to recover.

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