Get Rid Of Those Extra Pounds

Losing weight is something that almost everyone would like to do, but most people find the topic intimidating, or aren’t sure where to start. Read on to learn how to take some simple steps toward weight loss if you’re one of these people. You deserve to lose weight and feel better.

A great way to lose weight is to write down an inspirational phrase or quote, and place it somewhere you’ll see it everyday. Seeing it everyday will keep you motivated to continue losing weight. A good place for putting something like this is right on your bathroom mirror.

A good way to lose weight is to cut out all processed foods from your diet, and focus on eating fresh, organic food. A lot of processed food is loaded with bad nutrition including high levels of sodium and fat. Sticking with organic and fresh food is much healthier.

When you face the need to lose weight, it’s critical to assess your appetites as well as the trade offs you are willing to make. What’s important to you – quantity or quality? Is quantity important in some foods but not others? What foods do you insist be high quality?

The reason you should think these things through is this:
You will find yourself hungry and/or frustrated if you choose a way of eating that doesn’t suit your appetites. You will need to make some decisions about what you want to eat, and what you’re willing to forego in order to make your weight loss goals. Could you live without fried chicken if it meant you could have delicious lean grilled steak on a salad? It is essential to think through these trade offs so that your eating will become more mindful.

When dieting or trying to lose weight, setting goals is a great way to keep yourself motivated. Before starting any weight loss journey, write down your starting weight and at the end of each week, weigh yourself. Every time you lose weight, you’ll gain confidence. You’ll know and you can think of ways to fix what went wrong if a week ever goes badly and you gain weight.

Drink lots of water to lose weight. Water keeps you feeling full so you aren’t as likely to browse on food you shouldn’t have. The energy that our body expends in bringing the temperature of the water we drink into sync with our internal temperature disposes of some of our excess calories. That’s an often unconsidered benefit.

Trying to lose weight? Love watching the television? Why not lose weight watching your favorite shows? Do some quick cardio during the commercial breaks, or jog a few miles on the treadmill during each episode. Incorporating exercise into your favorite activities is a great way way to shed some pounds and enjoy yourself at the same time.

Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy Weight Loss Food
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You need a lot of patience to successfully lose weight. Specifically because they discourage people, crash diets are notorious for being miserable. Furthermore, crash diets activate fat retention by fooling the body into starvation mode. Healthy weight loss should always be gradual. You’ll feel better and you’ll enjoy long-term health benefits.

To keep your weight loss routine healthy and effective, avoid extreme or “crash” dieting. The ideal diet for healthy weight loss is a sustainable one. By their very natures, crash diets are short-term ordeals. Even though they may offer substantial short-term results, their long-term effect is negligible, or even harmful. It is better to develop a diet you can stick to over time – even permanently.

When trying to lose weight do not fall for the products, gimmicks and fads that are too good to be true. Healthy weight loss should be limited to about two pounds per week. This is about five pounds per month. Most people want a quick fix but the best way to be on the road to weight loss is to take the pounds off quickly and keeping your health in mind.

A healthy weight loss plan should include talking to them about healthy foods and portion control if your child is facing obesity. You likely can’t be with your child twenty-four hours a day. Therefore, you can’t monitor everything they are putting into their bodies. If you educate them about healthy choices however, they are more likely to make them.

Weight Loss Drinks

Drinking Water Not Diet Drinks
Drinking Water Not Diet Drinks

Weight loss drinks are a great meal replacement solution for those on the go. If you have no time and also want to stay on track, then drink 1-2 shakes per day to fill you up and give you all the nutrients you need. Then have one sensible meal per day.

Weight loss is something that almost everyone would like to do, as you read at the beginning of this article. If you’ve read this article, now you know the secrets that you can use to get ahead of the game and start losing weight. Get on the road to a healthier life now!

Truth About Weight Loss That the Experts Don’t Want You to Know

The Undisputed Truth About Weight Loss That the Experts Don’t Want You to Know

a-healthy-livingThis is a known fact an appropriate diet as well as a healthy active lifestyle can lead you into the ideal direction of weight-loss program. You’ll get to appreciate the ideal supplement which can assist you in your own weight loss program without affecting your overall health. There are various fad diets for fast weight loss in addition to certain supplements and weight-loss pills on the market presently, that will be able to help you achieve this. Detoxification not simply removes the toxins from the entire body, but in addition helps one lose weight in an all-natural and organic way.

Unhealthy Weight Loss Diets

In the event the people within your life could have a negative effect on a weight-loss diet plan you are planning to do, at another time you may rather not continue it. Being overweight not only destroys your look but might come together with such health disasters like diabetes as well as heart attack. Not only does this jeopardize your wellbeing, but it could also be the reason for many eating disorders. However, in the event the unexpected weight loss wasn’t due to one of these causes, then it ought not be overlooked and needs to be reported to your own healthcare professional immediately. But I mention again, don’t choose some of the above techniques, since they are not dependable and healthy. And it’s also natural that you feel confused with numerous options to select from.

More Things To Do To Lose Weight

If you have a tendency to spend a lot of the time at workplace, then learning some office weight reduction exercises for women will be able to help you to slim down. Many men and women don’t shed weight, despite their long and tough efforts within the gym. And so, if you wish to boost your own weight loss speed, take a look at these 20 secret-weapon foods that are shown to be useful for obese men and women. Eating apples and other fruits can allow you to lose weight in various ways. If you truly want to drop the weight and get healthy, then eat cabbage and other green leafy vegetables. By not buying unhealthy snacks you can save money together with few calories. There are a number of surgeries that could limit the sum of food you may take in or digest. Being overweight along with uncommitted can chafe on different locations of your own health. By building muscle mass you can slim down easily. There are a couple things to think about.

Begin A Successful Weight Loss Plan

Exercise For Weight lossMany individuals think that to be triumphant in weight loss, they need to pay hundreds of dollars to different weight loss companies, that will provide them with an appropriate weight loss plan. Create your own weight loss strategy by checking out as much as you can on the topic and stick to it. You require to take steps towards your weight loss goal, but you need to make sure that you are able to in fact reach these steps. Knowing about weight loss by reading up on it can really help you more in your success than any weight loss plan ever could. Utilize the ideas below to help you in your undertaking, for a much healthier future filled with weight loss.

Stay Motivated

One excellent idea for keeping motivation levels high is to take a look at in the past and after photos of people who have actually had success. This will help you to imagine yourself at the level of physical fitness that you desire and will keep you encouraged on those hot, damp days when it simply seems impossible to exercise.

To stay on track with your weight loss program, weigh yourself every day. Not just does this make it difficult for you to give up when you go off course, however it clearly shows even the smallest of loss. Just ensure your scale is effectively adjusted and weigh at the same time every day to avoid natural variations. It is best to weigh yourself in the morning before you drink any fluids.

Find An Exercise You Enjoy

Exercise For Weight lossTo assist you to slim down, you must find some type of exercise that you actually make every effort to do and enjoy to get much better at it. Doing something you take pleasure in will make you feel more positive about the activity and boost that all crucial inspiration. Likewise it will make you feel positive and in control of your body, whatever your size.

If an approach of dropping weight is not working out for somebody for whatever reason they need to go and attempt something new and exciting. Sticking to an unproductive weight-loss plan will be a waste of one’s time. keep trying until you find what works for you and never give up.

Some people join a network marketing company to help them lose weight. By having a work from home business where you work with others trying to lose weight gives you the motivation to lose weight. There are 10 to 20 good companies to join. Look around until you find one where the products work for you. Join and get motivated to lose weight.

Holiday Weight Gain

The hectic holiday season is about to hit, which means heading the home of see family and friends, hideous Christmas sweatshirts, and also endless products of not-so-healthy foods will certainly be shoved in front people.

As well as whether you pulled out your winter garments just to recognize that in 2014’s cords are a merely little bit strict, or you intend to preemptively stay clear of that unavoidable winter season weight gain, you may have some additional fluffiness spending time your stomach that you’re itching to obtain eliminate.

Do not fret, we hear you. And we’ve got you covered. Here are our six finest pointers for reducing weight, quick. Whether you try one or all, these techniques will help you feel cleaner, healthier, and also lighter this holiday.


Don’t Exaggerate The Cardio

Whether you enjoy it or dislike it (and if you hate it, inspect this out), cardio exercise is required to sustain a healthy and balanced physical body. That does not necessarily mean that it will help you lose weight.

Our physical bodies are clever as well as versatile, so if you do the exact same exercise every day, at some point you’ll plateau. A day-to-day 3 mile go for a sluggish as well as constant rate will actually burn muscle (not fat), reduce human development hormone, and also boost cortisol (the stress hormonal agent that’s responsible for that aggravating stomach fat). And also, it’s quite burning out to do the exact same point every day.

Work out smarter, not harder. Attempt incorporating high intensity interval training into your cardio workouts rather; HIIT exercises contain a bout of hard work for a short interval, then a brief remainder period. This range will raise the physical body’s fat burning capabilities and also maintain things a little much more intriguing.

Start Resting More

Yes, to lose weight you should be a little lazier and rest more. Should be no problem–? Actually, for some reason, it can be truly hard to turn off Netflix an hour earlier every evening to get some much needed z’s. The concern? When you’re not getting sufficient down time, the physical body’s circadian rhythms, which then influence hormone equilibrium, get really shaken off.

This creates the bodily hormone leptin, which suggests to the brain when the belly is complete, to lower by 15 percent– implying you’re visiting consume about 15 percent more food when you’re sleep denied. Include that ghrelin, the hormone that signals to your human brain that you’re hungry and also regulates appetite, rises by 15 percent, and also any kind of form of diet regimen goes out the home window!

Sleep a little easier during the night with the help of a melatonin supplement– melatonin is naturally created by the physical body, yet absence of sleep as well as exposure to way too much light (ahem, like checking out your apple iphone all day long) can exhaust it in your system. Taking a supplement before bed will help you fall asleep faster, however will not leave you feeling drowsy.


Sugar Can Damage The Body

Excess sugar intake is the greatest reason for fat gain. Transformed by the liver right into fat, you do not have to be guzzling granulated sugar by the spoonful to OD on right stuff– unfortunately, it’s lurking in much of the food we consume as well as we don’t also realize it. And maybe impacting your midsection in a big means.

Sugar is more than simply the stuff you bake with– even alternate sweeteners that we think are healthier in fact have the very same impact on blood sugar as well as the white things does. Reducing all sugar from your diet regimen can be hard, right stuff is pretty addicting and also has the very same effect on our human brains as drug, yet it will certainly make a huge distinction in dropping weight. Start your morning without the sugar in your morning coffee.

Consume MORE fat.

Yep, actually. The 1980’s brainwashed us right into believing that consuming low-fat was the easiest means to slim down; but actually, slapping a “fat-free” tag on foods normally implied they contained much more sugar, more salt, more synthetic flavors, but no fewer calories. It’s ended up being clear in recent times that not only is saturated fat not a hazard to heart wellness, yet consuming healthy and balanced fats maintains bodies a lot more satiated as well as stimulated.

Want an easy method to kick start your metabolic process in the morning and also starting burning fat from the moment you get up? Attempt our simple fat-burning smoothie!

Get your digestive tract wellness in check.

The digestive tract is commonly promoted as the second brain. As well as similar to when our brains aren’t performing efficiently, our physical body endures, when intestine health and wellness isn’t in tip-top form, it can take a serious toll on general wellness as well as metabolic rate.

Considering that the gut– what medical specialists call the stomach as well as little guts– is liable for damaging down food and absorbing nutrients, it’s possible that weight gain can take place if the body can not soak up the nutrients it requires from food. Boost your day-to-day dosage of fermented foods, which have bacteria that’s advantageous to intestine wellness also.

Begin Standing

Think of merely just how much you rest all day– some days virtually include walking from one chair to the following. Not only does that equal a lot more back as well as neck pain, yet it likewise brings the physical body’s metabolic rate to a slow roll.

Standing up for merely 3 added hrs a day could possibly help you shed eight extra pounds a year, while enhancing the capacity to concentrate, reducing the danger of diabetic issues, or even decreasing the threat of cancer. And also if even the White House is doing it, shouldn’t you?

Make 75 percent of your plate eco-friendly

Following time you prepare dinner, see to it half of your plate is stacked high with green veggies. Why? These vegetables supply the physical body tons of nutrients through anti-oxidants, fiber, and complex carbohydrates– and also they’re low in calories, so they’ll fill you up.

An included benefit? A bunch of us never ever plate our meals, instead deciding to eat in restaurants of a few containers– a scoop of peanut butter here, a couple biscuits there, and also handful of cheese cubes a very few minutes later– as well as without a graph of just what we’ve consumed, we often ignore our fullness and also calories ingested. Plating your food could assist with part control and also will instantly make you a lot more conscious of exactly what you eat.


Transformed by the liver right into fat, you do not require to be wolfing granulated sugar by the spoonful to OD on the things– however, it’s hiding in much of the food we eat as well as we do not even realize it. The 1980’s persuaded us into thinking that eating low-fat was the most convenient method to lose weight; but in truth, slapping a “fat-free” label on foods typically meant they had more sugar, even more sodium, even more synthetic flavors, yet no less calories. It’s become clear in recent years that not just is saturated fat not a threat to heart health and wellness, yet consuming healthy and balanced fats keeps bodies much more satiated and also stimulated.

Considering that the digestive tract– exactly what medical specialists call the belly as well as small intestines– is accountable for damaging down food and taking in nutrients, it’s possible that weight gain can take place if the body cannot soak up the nutrients it needs from food. Layering your food can help with section control and also will automatically make you more aware of exactly what you consume.

The last thing you need to do is to drink about 8 glasses of water each day. Do not add drinking coffee as water intake.

Salt In Foods We Eat


Everyday Foods Add Up to Major Salt Problems

There are so many high salt problems in the processed foods we eat that may be giving us health problems. Many food products that we have been eating have a lot of sodium in them. Food labels usually list the salt content as sodium in milligrams. We have issues with high blood pressure and hypertension and many people don’t realize that it’s what we’re eating that may be causing some of the problems. But salt is everywhere and it’s deadly and if you don’t start keeping track of our salt intake, we could see ourselves at a doctor’s office with our health problems.

Salt is in everything. Things such as bagels, ready made scrambled eggs, anything that’s processed or fried, and even things like regular deli meat that you have for lunch are all loaded with salt! In order to see what is in your food that’s causing the increase in salt, you have to check each product one by one to see where you’re getting your high salt content from.

Find The Salt In Your Diet

To find where your hidden salt is, just go to the ingredients and look under sodium to see what the levels are so you can be sure that you’re not getting too much salt. For example a bag of potato chips may say 280 milligrams of salt and that is entirely too high. Maybe you want to try to find a bag that has 60 or 80 milligrams of salt, which will limit what is available in terms of the types of chips that you can have or look for no salt natural chips.

Other ways that you can look for salt in your food is by taste, for example some so called healthy TV dinners are tricky because they say they are healthy, but they are loaded with salt and we’re not talking about the 280 mg from the chips. Some of these dinners have over 800 milligrams of salt in them so the more that you look at what’s in your food and the more that you taste it to see if there’s hidden salt, the more you’ll see for yourself how much salt is in ingredients and you can start to cut back on your salt. You definitely don’t want to add salt. Once you taste something, just trust that it’s better without the extra salt content. Before long you will not miss the extra salt.

Weight Loss And Salt

Doctor Taking Blood Pressure may offer a low salt diet.Cutting back on salt can also help people that are over weight. Salt causes the body to hold extra water, sometimes as much as 10 lbs of water. When you 1st start a weight loss program you will see the rapid weight loss because you rid your body of extra fluids. Many times people lose 20 lbs their 1st month of starting their weight loss program. The following months they see less and less weight loss and find that exercise is needed to keep the weight coming off. Many of the new style diets on the market promote a more natural way of eating. Many of the foods they recommend have less salt and preservatives in them. Preservatives are usually made of 50% or more of salt. These preservatives extend the shelf life of foods but have extra salt that our bodies do not really need. Look for products that say low sodium on the labeling. Them look on the ingredient list and make sure the label says the same thing. Some products are a little deceptive.

So if you are starting a weight loss program or diet, you may also want to start reading product labels. These labels can tell you a lot about what you are eating. Talk to your doctor before starting any type of diet or weight loss program and listen to their recommendations.

The Keys to Successful Weight Loss


The keys to successful weight loss are easier than you think. One thing that we can tell you that would help you start losing weight and keep your weight off, is to clean out your refrigerator and your cabinets right away! If you can take out everything that has sugar and salt, you’re done! If only it were that easy, but here are a few simple key steps to help you with weight loss and to make it successful and to keep the weight off. After doing this you may want to make some lifestyle changes and start exercising for weight loss in the near future.

Simple Steps To Get Started Losing Weight

1. The Refrigerator Clean-out: Take out everything that’s frozen and processed in your freezer including bagels, waffles, frozen pizzas, frozen TV dinners, and give them to a neighbor or friend. The reason that you want to get rid of these is because they’re usually very high in salt and processed foods are also high in preservatives. The next step is to ensure that in your cabinet you take out any snacks that are processed so you may have to take out all of your cookies, all of your chips, and your crackers. Because they’re the reason you want to do this in the first place: snacking. Cookies, chips, and crackers are always loaded with high sugar and high salt, especially the salt. If you’re trying to lose weight remember salt is in most food so you have to start looking at everything that you’re taking in. That’s why we’re clearing the cabinets out, but don’t worry, we’re going to restock momentarily.

2. Cleaning House: Next, take out anything in your refrigerator or under the cabinet that looks like soda smells like soda, or tastes like soda and throw it out, and also any sugary drinks that you have that have a lot of added sugar. Throw them out. Or give them to a friend or neighbor. Now let’s start replacing and replenishing your cabinets and fridge.

3. The Cleansing Effect of Fresh Juice:  For your juices you want to drink a lot of water. Water is crucial to any weight loss success. You also want to make sure that you have orange juice and you have cranberry juice. Cranberry juice is very good for cleansing out the kidneys. So you want to make sure you buy this to try to get sugar free if you can. Next you want to load refrigerator with lots of eggs, lots of fresh vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, potatoes, onions, garlic, lemons, green pepper, and low fat dressing. Low calorie healthy snacks are good to keep around to curb your appetite.

4. Healthy Meats:  Now when you go into your freezer you want to incorporate meat that you can add like chicken, fish, and turkey. You can add lamb. You can add some red meat like filet mignon if you like it and can afford it, or just a steak or two, here or there as you won’t be eating these that often because red meat is not very good for the body and a lot of red meat is not heart healthy.

Fresh Vegetables Over Frozen

You also want to incorporate a lot of mixed vegetables. Frozen mixed vegetables, frozen corn, and frozen peppers are great! The reason you’re adding these components is because frozen vegetables are freeze dried and that helps them to retain their vitamins, and this is crucial to your diet plan and healthy eating for longevity. Canned vegetables also have preservatives added to them that are not healthy. A can of corm has salt in it but fresh frozen corn does not. Because you’re going to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, what better way than a quick little bowl of mixed vegetables if you get hungry and you want a low calorie healthy snack. You don’t really want to have that bag of chips. Read the label and that should change your mind. If you are really looking to lose weight then do not eat stuff in a can or bag because they are usually loaded with extra chemicals your body does not need or want.


Diet Drinks And Pregnancy

Do Diet Drinks Pose Potential Risks On Pregnancy?

Drinking Water Not Diet Drinks
Drink Water Not Diet Drinks

Life without diet drinks is something quite unimaginable to so many people today. This prospect only leaves all of us tizzy! Most people have become so hooked to diet drinks as though their life depends on them. This article brings to the limelight the safety or risks, if any, associated with diet drinks especially during pregnancy.

Make An Informed Decision

There is still insufficient information to make a concrete and informed choice as far as these diet drinks are concerned. The best thing to do during pregnancy is to restrict your intakes if you just cannot do without them. Moderate or minimal consumption is safe to be disputed. There is a constant influx of new products in the market and it’s therefore reasonable to evaluate any of these drinks before you can buy them.

Similarly, this influx makes it difficult for research to keep pace. Some of these products use harmful sweeteners and should be avoided. In the past, unscrupulous producers were known to conceal information of suspect ingredients, but that’s not to say it does not happen today. All diet drinks use artificial sweeteners with different brands using different ones. Non-nutritive sweeteners used in diet drinks are all considered as safe.

To help you make an informed decision, here are some of the facts about diet drinks.
• High intakes of diet drinks during pregnancy lower the amount of water consumption, milk and fresh fruit juices. These are valuable sources of essential nutrients.
• There is a significant percentage of caffeine in diet drinks and may be harmful if not taken in controlled amounts.
• The Aspartame component in diet drinks can spark high levels of insulin and cause other health problems for diabetic women.
• Research shows that too much consumption of diet drinks that contain artificial sweeteners can increase the chances of kidney dysfunction.
• Nutra Sweet or Aspartame, which is commonly used in most diet drinks, is a non-caloric sweetener that comprises of two amino acids. It is said to pose a risk especially to women with hereditary conditions such as phenylketonuria, whereby a protein known as phenylalanine can’t be broken down. This poses health challenges to the foetus.
• Another commonly used sweetener is known as Saccharin. This one has been identified to be carcinogenic. It causes birth defects when tested in rats. However, no such findings have been proved to work in the human context. These investigations are very disturbing.
• Sucralose is the latest artificial sweetener to enter the market. However, it has not supplied adequate information for any potential risks.

Conclusion Leaves Some Questions

These are some of the facts about diet drinks. Once you find out the truth, it becomes obvious that you have been misguided at one point in time as to buy into the myth that calorie and sugar-free foods are healthy. In this particular case, you should ask yourself why diet drinks have very high amounts of artificial sweeteners before trying them out during at pregnancy. If the thought of doing away with diet drinks makes you crave for more, the best thing would be to reduce their intake.

Notice: Consult your doctor for further guidance on the information presented here. Do not use this as advise!

Secret Behind Losing Weight Fast

Weight loss or losing weight fast is an obsession among the younger generation due to media exaggeration. Looking thin and perfectly fit is particularly important in today’s world, as it improves a person’s confidence and self esteem. A person is considered clinically obese if he/she is above 30% body fat. Body fat and body weight are two different entities. Body fat is the non- muscular cellular tissue that stores energy which the human body can use in the absence of conventional sources of food. Whereas body weight is a combination of lean muscle tissue, body fat, bones and water content, basically an account of everything taken together in the human body.

Drinking Water
Drinking Water

The debate of losing weight fast or just losing body weight by burning body fat has been a long and ongoing one. The fact is that burning body fat ultimately helps in losing body weight. Some of the conventional techniques used in losing body weight are dieting i.e. fasting not controlled consumption of food, too much cardio, too much weight training and living an exhaustive life style. These techniques work sometimes; however, when they don’t work, people usually get frustrated. Weight loss requires having a diet and a workout plan in place for it to work.

Steps To Losing Weight Fast

The first step to losing weight fast is to know whether you are at normal weight or overweight. The next step would be to calculate the TDEE (Total daily energy expenditure) in calories; this can be done using the Harris-Benedict Formula. Once the TDEE measurement is complete, getting a plan in place is important. A good diet consisting of nutrients and an overall energy of 20% below the TDEE, consumed in 6 small meals a day would ensure optimum weight loss results. A diet with macronutrient ratios of 60% – Carbohydrates, 30% – Protein and 10% – Fat (Essential fats) is considered a standard anywhere in the world. A good workout regime is also very important for accelerated weight loss. A workout schedule can be set with the help of fitness trainers. Fitness trainers are people with a lot of experience and know the right workout for different body types. A good workout schedule includes an hour of weight training every alternate day combined with 45 minutes of cardio in between days. This kind of schedule sees optimum results in terms of weight loss and also helps the body to lose more fat and maintain a good muscle to fat ratio.

One Size Does Not Fit All

The most important fundamental to remember while losing weight fast is that no one kind of diet or regime fits all. Everyone is different and their bodies respond to things differently. One most important substance that is very essential in losing weight is water. Yes, pure water goes a long way in helping the body lose weight and burn body fat. The body retains water if water is not consumed properly and results in the body looking puffy and appearing fat. The combination of the right diet, a good workout regime and drinking lots of water will reap maximum results and get you on your way to losing weight fast.

Eating Healthy For Weight Loss

Weight loss can be a struggle for many, but it doesn’t have to be. Losing weight by excessively restricting food, counting calories or following a completely fat-free diet is not only unhealthy, but impossible to maintain forever. The truth is that the best weight loss method doesn’t require a crash diet or taking diet products but rather a lifestyle change that is practical and easy to sustain for the long haul. Eating for weight loss is the healthiest way to go about losing the unwanted weight and to maintaining one’s sanity.

GoFoods – Survival Food

Advertisement for GoFoods– Survival Food with a 25 year shelf life. – Need emergency survival food? If so you may want to try Go Food and their food with a 25 year life span. This is great tasting food for the most part. A little too much sodium in the food for me but if it was the only thing I had to eat it would be my 1st choice for survival food.

There are a number of healthy, delicious super foods that actually promote weight loss and when incorporated into everyday meal plans will garner significant weight loss results. Some of these foods include: low-fat dairy products; lean protein; fresh fruits and vegetables; whole grains; nuts and seeds and even chocolate.

Eating two servings of low-fat dairy per day can greatly assist anyone struggling to lose weight or excess stomach fat. Dairy contains a fat-burning compound that helps to lose weight naturally. Great options include: an 8 oz. glass of low-fat milk; a 6 oz. low-fat Greek yogurt cup; one ounce of goat or feta cheese; or a 1/2 cup of low-fat cottage cheese.

Protein-rich foods are low in calories and speed metabolism. A 3-4 oz. serving of lean meats like chicken breast; skinless turkey; and fish like salmon, herring or water-packed tuna are delicious options. Other foods that yield a high protein content include eggs and beans (i.e., black, white, kidney and garbanzo).

Eating 3-5 servings each of fresh fruits and vegetables per day will also aid in weight loss. They are full of fiber, which is naturally more filling, and other healthy nutrients known for their fat-burning properties. Citrus fruits (oranges and grapefruit); fresh berries (blueberries, raspberries, etc.); pears; apples; and bananas are all known to kick weight loss into high gear. Leafy green vegetables (spinach), broccoli, celery, bell peppers, and avocado are great for eating to lose weight.

Eating a diet full of starch resistant whole grains will also lead to weight loss. Starch resistant carbohydrates support fat loss and research indicates that eating them shrinks fat cells. Eating them for breakfast can even reduce overall daily caloric intake by up to 25%. Whole grain foods include breads, oats, quinoa, brown rice, and barley.

Nuts and seeds high in monounsaturated fats (MOUFs) such as almonds, peanuts, pecans and walnuts are great as snacks or added to foods. MOUFs are healthy fats that promote weight loss and torch fat. Pine nuts and flax seeds are other super foods that are great when eating for weight loss.

Substituting dark chocolate, containing 70% or more cocoa, for milk chocolate will curb hunger and cravings for sweets and other junk foods. Cocoa contains an active ingredient (flavanols) that when eaten regularly suppresses appetite. The higher the cocoa content, the better it will be at preventing the insulin resistance that leads to weight gain.

Eating for weight loss is both healthy and enjoyable. With so many delicious foods to choose from, anyone can adhere to a nutritionally sound diet for the rest of their lives to achieve their weight loss goals.