Secret Behind Losing Weight Fast

Weight loss or losing weight fast is an obsession among the younger generation due to media exaggeration. Looking thin and perfectly fit is particularly important in today’s world, as it improves a person’s confidence and self esteem. A person is considered clinically obese if he/she is above 30% body fat. Body fat and body weight are two different entities. Body fat is the non- muscular cellular tissue that stores energy which the human body can use in the absence of conventional sources of food. Whereas body weight is a combination of lean muscle tissue, body fat, bones and water content, basically an account of everything taken together in the human body.

Drinking Water
Drinking Water

The debate of losing weight fast or just losing body weight by burning body fat has been a long and ongoing one. The fact is that burning body fat ultimately helps in losing body weight. Some of the conventional techniques used in losing body weight are dieting i.e. fasting not controlled consumption of food, too much cardio, too much weight training and living an exhaustive life style. These techniques work sometimes; however, when they don’t work, people usually get frustrated. Weight loss requires having a diet and a workout plan in place for it to work.

Steps To Losing Weight Fast

The first step to losing weight fast is to know whether you are at normal weight or overweight. The next step would be to calculate the TDEE (Total daily energy expenditure) in calories; this can be done using the Harris-Benedict Formula. Once the TDEE measurement is complete, getting a plan in place is important. A good diet consisting of nutrients and an overall energy of 20% below the TDEE, consumed in 6 small meals a day would ensure optimum weight loss results. A diet with macronutrient ratios of 60% – Carbohydrates, 30% – Protein and 10% – Fat (Essential fats) is considered a standard anywhere in the world. A good workout regime is also very important for accelerated weight loss. A workout schedule can be set with the help of fitness trainers. Fitness trainers are people with a lot of experience and know the right workout for different body types. A good workout schedule includes an hour of weight training every alternate day combined with 45 minutes of cardio in between days. This kind of schedule sees optimum results in terms of weight loss and also helps the body to lose more fat and maintain a good muscle to fat ratio.

One Size Does Not Fit All

The most important fundamental to remember while losing weight fast is that no one kind of diet or regime fits all. Everyone is different and their bodies respond to things differently. One most important substance that is very essential in losing weight is water. Yes, pure water goes a long way in helping the body lose weight and burn body fat. The body retains water if water is not consumed properly and results in the body looking puffy and appearing fat. The combination of the right diet, a good workout regime and drinking lots of water will reap maximum results and get you on your way to losing weight fast.

Caveman Diet

Caveman Diet aka Paleo Diet Is Not A Fad!

Caveman Diet
Caveman Diet

Finding a good diet that can be both sustainable and healthy is never an easy type of task, especially when there are endless lists of fad diets that make promises but have no nutritional or scientific basis. One scientifically proven diet that has gained much support from nutrition experts and people in the science communities is the Caveman diet. It is often referred to as the Paleo Diet. It has been researched, developed, perfected and is based on the findings of some of the top scientists in the weight loss field.

This diet promises a healthy weight loss by promoting eating of lean meat, fruits, fish and vegetables. It discourages high intakes of carbohydrate foods that stem from rice, corn and wheat. Though the Caveman Diet does not entirely eliminate intake of foods high in carbohydrates, it encourages a moderate intake and a reduction in the amount of grains taken daily. For this diet you are not required to take any type of diet products which is great if you ask most people.

Carbohydrates that are allowed on this diet are the non-starchy vegetables and fruits. Therefore berries, leafy vegetables, apples are the staple foods when sticking to the diet. For the types of meat taken, lean meat is the preferred choice since animals during the Paleolithic period roamed free and were leaner. Some versions of this diet have meats that are high in fat acceptable. During this period, fire had not yet been mastered this diet does not recommended cooking of meat. Most versions of this diet recommend on taking foods as raw as possible.

Caveman Diet Brings Out The Hunter In You

Observing keenly, the caveman diet advocates modifying our lifestyle to that of the hunter gatherer ancestors. This means not only changing your diet but also your exercises, stress levels and sleep. When losing weight and trying to stay trim, it is vital to start an exercising program, exercising builds your muscles and burns a lot of calories. From this point of view, this diet promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. It will be of more significance to someone trying to lose weight.

If you find yourself overweight, following the Paleo-Caveman diet is guarantee to ensure a sustainable weight loss. All the sugary, processed foods and fries that cause a weight gain are entirely eliminated and replaced by healthy and high quality vegetables, fruits, nuts, proteins and eggs. All these foods are low in calorie and cannot contribute in obesity even when taken in larger quantities.

Dieting is not all about losing weight. Diets should not be unhealthy, but instead it can be about changing your eating habits to feel better and be healthier. Through research data and results, the Paleo aka Caveman diet has proven to be one of the best ways to lose weight and probably one of the healthier ones at that.

I hope you find my short video of the caves at Luray Caverns in Virginia interesting. I had a great time there. Think about living in a cave and what a caveman would eat? Can you imagine what they ate back in those days. There are probably some people in some countries that still eat like a caveman. If you are doing this diet please leave a comment and let us know how you are doing on the Caveman diet.