Salt In Foods We Eat


Everyday Foods Add Up to Major Salt Problems

There are so many high salt problems in the processed foods we eat that may be giving us health problems. Many food products that we have been eating have a lot of sodium in them. Food labels usually list the salt content as sodium in milligrams. We have issues with high blood pressure and hypertension and many people don’t realize that it’s what we’re eating that may be causing some of the problems. But salt is everywhere and it’s deadly and if you don’t start keeping track of our salt intake, we could see ourselves at a doctor’s office with our health problems.

Salt is in everything. Things such as bagels, ready made scrambled eggs, anything that’s processed or fried, and even things like regular deli meat that you have for lunch are all loaded with salt! In order to see what is in your food that’s causing the increase in salt, you have to check each product one by one to see where you’re getting your high salt content from.

Find The Salt In Your Diet

To find where your hidden salt is, just go to the ingredients and look under sodium to see what the levels are so you can be sure that you’re not getting too much salt. For example a bag of potato chips may say 280 milligrams of salt and that is entirely too high. Maybe you want to try to find a bag that has 60 or 80 milligrams of salt, which will limit what is available in terms of the types of chips that you can have or look for no salt natural chips.

Other ways that you can look for salt in your food is by taste, for example some so called healthy TV dinners are tricky because they say they are healthy, but they are loaded with salt and we’re not talking about the 280 mg from the chips. Some of these dinners have over 800 milligrams of salt in them so the more that you look at what’s in your food and the more that you taste it to see if there’s hidden salt, the more you’ll see for yourself how much salt is in ingredients and you can start to cut back on your salt. You definitely don’t want to add salt. Once you taste something, just trust that it’s better without the extra salt content. Before long you will not miss the extra salt.

Weight Loss And Salt

Doctor Taking Blood Pressure may offer a low salt diet.Cutting back on salt can also help people that are over weight. Salt causes the body to hold extra water, sometimes as much as 10 lbs of water. When you 1st start a weight loss program you will see the rapid weight loss because you rid your body of extra fluids. Many times people lose 20 lbs their 1st month of starting their weight loss program. The following months they see less and less weight loss and find that exercise is needed to keep the weight coming off. Many of the new style diets on the market promote a more natural way of eating. Many of the foods they recommend have less salt and preservatives in them. Preservatives are usually made of 50% or more of salt. These preservatives extend the shelf life of foods but have extra salt that our bodies do not really need. Look for products that say low sodium on the labeling. Them look on the ingredient list and make sure the label says the same thing. Some products are a little deceptive.

So if you are starting a weight loss program or diet, you may also want to start reading product labels. These labels can tell you a lot about what you are eating. Talk to your doctor before starting any type of diet or weight loss program and listen to their recommendations.