Carbohydrates Your Bodies Fuel

Carbohydrates is our  fuel for our bodies when we start to exercise. When you start your diet to try to lose weight, keep in mind you need fuel. There are a lot of diets like the Atkins diet, which had people thinking that if you cut carbs out altogether you would drop points. This meant no white sugar, no white flour, no potatoes, and no rice, but you could lose weight, and while this may work initially, what ends up happening is you start losing energy because it’s your carbs that fuel your body. Watch for tweets on this subject at and learn about the 60 Day Trim Up plans of healthy ways to weight management.

Carbohydrates: Your bodies fuel when you work out.

Ask any weight lifter a bodybuilder how much pasta they have, and they will tell you sometimes they have a lot of spaghetti because they know that the carbohydrates in the pasta, will help to give them the rush of energy that they need for a good workout. But how do you know what good carbs you can have and how will you know which are good versus which are bad?

Fruit and Vegetables
60 Day Trim Up With Fruits

Carbohydrates at meal time which is a good place to start. One thing we want to start with is your breakfast foods. Try to incorporate some carbs into breakfast like potatoes. Potatoes are an excellent source of carbs and they also have a lot of potassium in them. You can have potatoes for breakfast with an egg white omelet. At lunch time carbs can be found in different things like rice and pasta. You can have rice in an enchilada or a taco salad that you make if you don’t add a lot, or if you add a lot of vegetables. Keep in mind that as long as you’re adding more vegetables, protein, and fiber, this will help to ensure that you have a better balance in your meals.

Carbohydrates Gives Your Body Energy

Carbs give you energy and you need this throughout the day. So let’s just say you want a snack late in the day. How about a little bowl of cereal if you don’t even want cereal, you can have dry cereal as a granola snack or you can even take your dry granola cereal and put it into a yogurt. Just sprinkle a few pieces in, and you have a nice healthy snack. The carbs will give you a little extra energy and the protein will help you to get through the day until you get to dinner time.

Your diet’s fuel at dinner time 60DayTrimUp Plan

We sometimes make the mistake of thinking that if we take the potato or the rice out, if we take the starch out, that we will have a better diet and we will lose more weight. But that’s just not necessarily true. If you take your potato out, whether it’s a white, baked potato, mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes out of your diet, you’re taking your carbs out, which means you’re taking your energy out, so keep the carbs in and include a steak (in moderation), chicken, turkey or fish. This way, you’re having your protein, a good source of carbs, and then you’re going to have some type of fiber with it in the form of a vegetable. Carbs will help to fuel your body.

People Turning Away From Sugar And Carbs

More and more people are turning away from carbohydrates and sugar. Sugar is the big problem but carbs often turn into sugar as the body processes the foods we eat. Many people have stopped eating anything that has sugar in it. They have also turned away from anything white like white potatoes, bread, pasta and other high carb foods. There are now carb blockers on the market that keeps the body from digesting the carbs and turning them into sugar.

Do some reading on sugar and you will be amazed at the problems it is causing with peoples bodies. I watched a health story on the 700 Club that talked about sugar and the heart that has really opened up my eyes on the subject. I suggest that everyone do some reading on this subject #60daytrimup .

Fast Relief From Pain

New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel and Fast Relief From Pain

Choosing Best Pain Relief Products

Pain is generally a challenging symptom to treat and can be caused by several different factors such as inflammation, nerve damage, pressure, cold, traction and heat. Pain relief products offer a lot of treatment options for different kinds of pain. It’s necessary and important to know the cause of your pain before choosing the right pain reliever to get rid of it. These days, there are a lot of products available in the market, making it difficult to choose the right one, medicines are not exceptional. When it comes to choosing the best product for fast relief from pain, there are some important factors you need to consider.

Here Are Some Factors To Consider

The Manufacturer

Green Lipped Mussel extract and fast relief from pain.
Green Lipped Mussel – Fast Relief From Pain???

The company that manufactures the product plays a big role in the effectiveness of the product you are buying to treat your pain. It’s advised to consider buying medicinal products manufactured by reliable and reputable companies. This is because some companies may claim to produce genuine and effective products to relief pain, but they are not. Try looking into products that contain ETArol. This is an extract from the New Zealand Green Lipped Muscle.

Customer Reviews

This is also a good way to determine the best pain relief products to use. Try to do some research about the product before buying it. You can read various customer reviews on the internet about a given product and get to how effective it is. If you read more negative reviews than positives ones, it’s important to avoid such products.

Expiry Date

This is the most important factor to consider whenever you are buying any product, especially those for treatment. Always check the date of production and expiry date before using it. This is because expired products are harmful to your health and can even worsen the situation. Most and genuine manufactured products have expiry date indicated on their packaging.

The Type of Pain

Different pain relievers are manufactured for different types of pain. For instance, there are those products specifically produced for arthritis pain and others for migraines and headaches. Pain relievers can be in a form of oil, lotion, injection, tablets or even ointments. Each category of these products is used differently. Therefore, it is important to understand your pain before buying just any product to relief it. Consult your physician for the best advice before using just any medicine.


It’s also important to check the ingredient of the product you want to use in relieving your pain. If your skin or body reacts to certain ingredient, it worthy checking the ingredients of the pain relief product you want to buy. Some ingredients used to manufacture some of these products can irritate your skin or cause side effects to your body.


Even though, the price of a product is not a major concern when it comes to medical issues, but with so many fake products available out there, some manufacturers may tend to sell their products in a relatively cheap price, in order to make a big sale for products that are actually not effective as they claim to be. Because of that, don’t just rush to buy cheaply offered products before doing enough research about them.

Over Weight And Pain

Many people do not realize that some pain is caused by being over weight. Extra weight is known to cause lower back pain, hip and knee pain. If you are 50 lbs over weight all that extra weight goes through your knees. Pick up a 50 pound sack of sugar, sand or flower and try to carry it around for a little while. First thing I notice is my lower back starts to hurt. Putting down that heavy sack takes some weight off my back. So if you are over weight, that pain you suffer from may be reduced if you were to lose weight. I know many people that have been 50 to 100 lbs over weight. When they lost some weight they noticed some os their pains to diminish or almost go away.


With these great tips, choosing the best pain relief products can be easier and rewarding. If the symptoms persist, it’s recommended to seek the advice of your doctor.

Always consult with your doctor or physician for any medical conditions you may have. This article is for information purposes only and not meant to take the place of advise your doctor can give you.

Motor Club of America Health Benefits

Free Discount Card For Health Items

Roadside Assistance Houma & Raceland, LA
Roadside Assistance

The Motor Club of America is a provider of protection and benefits. If you purchase their total security platinum package for only $39.99 per month you become eligible for a very extensive list of protections, benefits and security aspects that are beneficial to have in many different situations. There are health benefits, emergency room benefits, accidental death benefits, a travel assistance program, and a free discount card for vision, dental and many other services. These are just a few of the positives to keep in mind when considering The Motor Club of America‘s very comprehensive package. There are several of us in MCA that service the Metairie and Kenner Louisiana areas along with New Orleans. Our Denham Springs, Walker, Watson, Baton Rouge group connects with our Hammond/Ponchatoula group and will help work with you to build your team of sales reps. Call Bill at 225-413-8928 or visit

Prescription Discount Card
Prescription Discount Card – Metarie – Kenner LA

If you purchase this product you can receive up to $500 for certain emergency or trauma related situations, as well as $54,750 in hospital benefits which can be given to you in $150 increments starting the very first day that you arrive in the hospital for covered incidents. There are also many other health benefits in place with the MCA, such as their Travel assistance program which is of use anywhere in the world to named members for any number of reasons ranging from medical evacuations to hospital visits.

Total Security Platinum Plan

The Motor club of America’s total security platinum membership also offers a free discount card which offers a very large number of services such as vision care, dental care, hearing care, pre-negotiated discounts with a large network of physicians and Lab testing services just to name a few. Many of these services even offer savings of up to 50%.

Within the MCA’s very comprehensive and inclusive package many savings are available when emergency road services are needed or when there is a situation of vehicle theft. The MCA even offers legal and attorney fee assistance should it be necessary in certain situations. The Motor Club of America’s total security platinum membership comes at a small cost for such potentially massive amounts of savings and benefits. Get the piece of mind that a membership can bring you in case of a roadside emergency.

Disclosure: This is not insurance but it is a combination of different plans that also include roadside assistance and discount cards for health and medical. Savings of more then 50% and higher. This varies from state to state. Join the fastest growing team in SE Louisiana and the New Orleans area.

Wanted: Motor Club Of America reps in Houma, Morgan City and Raceland Louisiana.

Motor Club Of America Medical Discount Card - Metairie, Kenner, New Orleans, LaPlace Louisiana
Motor Club Of America Medical Discount Card – Metairie, Kenner, New Orleans, LaPlace Louisiana


Fat In Your Diet

Hidden Fat May Be In Your Diet

Caveman Diet
Caveman Diet – Good Fat In Your Diet

One thing that we can tell you is that there is a lot of hidden fat content in your diet that you’re not aware of. While it might look good and in my taste really good, sometimes the food companies work hard to ensure that the taste is so good, that you don’t realize how much fat is included in what you’re eating. Try researching about the caveman diet to learn a little more about bad fats.  You won’t catch a caveman at a restaurant! ha ha!

Let’s say for example, you go out to a restaurant. Always try to go to a restaurant that has the calorie content on the menu and gives you the breakdown. For example, you go to an Olive Garden or Cheesecake Factory. The problem with some of these restaurants is that their food is processed, and cooked in bad grease. Processed food is loaded with preservatives. A lot of restaurants use it to maintain the quality and taste as it is likely frozen when they purchase it, and then when it’s served to you, it’s loaded with a lot of fat when it’s heated up, and its a loaded with a lot of preservatives.

Think the hidden fat content in your diet is fine because you order a salad with chicken tenders, don’t be so sure of that. As restaurants serve you food that’s processed, they usually put that fried chicken in grease that has probably been out for days or it could be just standard, cheap oil or lard, so you’re getting fat from that also. While you think you may be having a good meal, you don’t realize until you get home and then maybe that night you might have an upset stomach. Or it could be two days later that you feel an extra roll on your belly. What’s happening is that the fat content is so high that as you have each meal and you add on more and more fat. You’re thinking that you’re dieting, but you don’t see the hidden fat content in your diet. As you eat more products that include fat, the fat level continues to build up around your belly, and that can also build up around your heart and your arteries. This is bad news!

Boiled Louisiana Crabs
Boiled Louisiana Crabs

What you want to do is change the types of fat that you’re eating and also go on a low fat diet. Hidden fat content is in everything that looks good and sounds good but it’s mostly in processed foods. Anything that you see in the frozen section, usually has a lot of high fat, a lot of salt, and a lot of preservatives. So the way to alleviate this, is try not to fry foods. While this might be hard for a lot of people who are used to having that taste of fried foods, fried foods contain high fat. If you’re going to fry your foods then use of canola oil that’s heart healthy and make sure you stay away from lard and vegetable oil.

If you have to eat out, because you don’t want there to be a hidden fat content in your diet, just make sure to have something that’s poached, boiled, steamed, broiled or lightly sautéed in olive oil. In Louisiana we love out fried seafood but there is also plenty of boiled and baked seafood. This is the healthy alternative that you can pick off the menu. Take those live Lake Pontchartrain crabs to the left. Boil then in the Louisiana spices for 20 minutes and then let soak for 20 minutes and you have a great meal Cajun meal!