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Roadside Assistance Houma & Raceland, LA

Roadside Assistance

The Motor Club of America is a provider of protection and benefits. If you purchase their total security platinum package for only $39.99 per month you become eligible for a very extensive list of protections, benefits and security aspects that are beneficial to have in many different situations. There are health benefits, emergency room benefits, accidental death benefits, a travel assistance program, and a free discount card for vision, dental and many other services. These are just a few of the positives to keep in mind when considering The Motor Club of America‘s very comprehensive package. There are several of us in MCA that service the Metairie and Kenner Louisiana areas along with New Orleans. Our Denham Springs, Walker, Watson, Baton Rouge group connects with our Hammond/Ponchatoula group and will help work with you to build your team of sales reps. Call Bill at 225-413-8928 or visit

Prescription Discount Card

Prescription Discount Card – Metarie – Kenner LA

If you purchase this product you can receive up to $500 for certain emergency or trauma related situations, as well as $54,750 in hospital benefits which can be given to you in $150 increments starting the very first day that you arrive in the hospital for covered incidents. There are also many other health benefits in place with the MCA, such as their Travel assistance program which is of use anywhere in the world to named members for any number of reasons ranging from medical evacuations to hospital visits.

Total Security Platinum Plan

The Motor club of America’s total security platinum membership also offers a free discount card which offers a very large number of services such as vision care, dental care, hearing care, pre-negotiated discounts with a large network of physicians and Lab testing services just to name a few. Many of these services even offer savings of up to 50%.

Within the MCA’s very comprehensive and inclusive package many savings are available when emergency road services are needed or when there is a situation of vehicle theft. The MCA even offers legal and attorney fee assistance should it be necessary in certain situations. The Motor Club of America’s total security platinum membership comes at a small cost for such potentially massive amounts of savings and benefits. Get the piece of mind that a membership can bring you in case of a roadside emergency.

Disclosure: This is not insurance but it is a combination of different plans that also include roadside assistance and discount cards for health and medical. Savings of more then 50% and higher. This varies from state to state. Join the fastest growing team in SE Louisiana and the New Orleans area.

Wanted: Motor Club Of America reps in Houma, Morgan City and Raceland Louisiana.

Motor Club Of America Medical Discount Card - Metairie, Kenner, New Orleans, LaPlace Louisiana

Motor Club Of America Medical Discount Card – Metairie, Kenner, New Orleans, LaPlace Louisiana


Motor Club Of America

MCA Roadside Service And Medical Discount Features

Medical Discounts by using your Motor Club of America membership card. Get some fantastic medical discounts. Members of the MCA motor club can get a discount card for help for them and their families. You will find that the card will help with some medical expenses. This unique type of motor club membership allows 65% off of prescriptions, and 50% off of vision care and dental cost. In addition, you get much more. Visit MCA Motor Club for more information.

Motor Club of America features emergency road service for a tire change, a battery charge, gas delivery, lock service, wrecker service and towing service. Just call the MCA toll-free emergency service number and a representative will provide you towing to the nearest garage or facility. You can also choose any station of your choice and receive up to $100 in reimbursement payment back to you. MCA motor club also provides travel assistance reimbursement as much as $500 for rental cars when a members car has been in an auto accident. You also receive reimbursement for meals, transportation and hotels when an accident happens more than 50 miles from your residence.

Motor Club Of America Services

Travel Reservations and Trip Planning- Members have access to easy to read and computerized mapping services at no charge. Call MCA’s toll free number or fill out the travel info card for this information. This handy information includes motel and hotel information and resorts on your travel route. Also included is a one stop service for reservations and car rentals, airline travel and hotel savings. These are just some of the benefits that Motor Club Of America provides for its members. 5 plans to pick from starting under $10 a month. All packages come with emergency road service, you just have to pick the plan that fits your needs the best.

Motor Club Of America Emergency Roadside Assistance

Motor Club Of America Emergency Roadside Assistance

The picture tells it all. You receive many services when you join MCA. Most people join for the emergency roadside assistance and towing package. You also get lockout service and if you run out of gas while on the road do not worry. Get 2 gallons of gas delivered to you and that should get you to the next gas station. This is just a sample of what you get. To learn more visit my personal Motor Club Of America to learn more.