The Keys to Successful Weight Loss


The keys to successful weight loss are easier than you think. One thing that we can tell you that would help you start losing weight and keep your weight off, is to clean out your refrigerator and your cabinets right away! If you can take out everything that has sugar and salt, you’re done! If only it were that easy, but here are a few simple key steps to help you with weight loss and to make it successful and to keep the weight off. After doing this you may want to make some lifestyle changes and start exercising for weight loss in the near future.

Simple Steps To Get Started Losing Weight

1. The Refrigerator Clean-out: Take out everything that’s frozen and processed in your freezer including bagels, waffles, frozen pizzas, frozen TV dinners, and give them to a neighbor or friend. The reason that you want to get rid of these is because they’re usually very high in salt and processed foods are also high in preservatives. The next step is to ensure that in your cabinet you take out any snacks that are processed so you may have to take out all of your cookies, all of your chips, and your crackers. Because they’re the reason you want to do this in the first place: snacking. Cookies, chips, and crackers are always loaded with high sugar and high salt, especially the salt. If you’re trying to lose weight remember salt is in most food so you have to start looking at everything that you’re taking in. That’s why we’re clearing the cabinets out, but don’t worry, we’re going to restock momentarily.

2. Cleaning House: Next, take out anything in your refrigerator or under the cabinet that looks like soda smells like soda, or tastes like soda and throw it out, and also any sugary drinks that you have that have a lot of added sugar. Throw them out. Or give them to a friend or neighbor. Now let’s start replacing and replenishing your cabinets and fridge.

3. The Cleansing Effect of Fresh Juice:  For your juices you want to drink a lot of water. Water is crucial to any weight loss success. You also want to make sure that you have orange juice and you have cranberry juice. Cranberry juice is very good for cleansing out the kidneys. So you want to make sure you buy this to try to get sugar free if you can. Next you want to load refrigerator with lots of eggs, lots of fresh vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, potatoes, onions, garlic, lemons, green pepper, and low fat dressing. Low calorie healthy snacks are good to keep around to curb your appetite.

4. Healthy Meats:  Now when you go into your freezer you want to incorporate meat that you can add like chicken, fish, and turkey. You can add lamb. You can add some red meat like filet mignon if you like it and can afford it, or just a steak or two, here or there as you won’t be eating these that often because red meat is not very good for the body and a lot of red meat is not heart healthy.

Fresh Vegetables Over Frozen

You also want to incorporate a lot of mixed vegetables. Frozen mixed vegetables, frozen corn, and frozen peppers are great! The reason you’re adding these components is because frozen vegetables are freeze dried and that helps them to retain their vitamins, and this is crucial to your diet plan and healthy eating for longevity. Canned vegetables also have preservatives added to them that are not healthy. A can of corm has salt in it but fresh frozen corn does not. Because you’re going to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, what better way than a quick little bowl of mixed vegetables if you get hungry and you want a low calorie healthy snack. You don’t really want to have that bag of chips. Read the label and that should change your mind. If you are really looking to lose weight then do not eat stuff in a can or bag because they are usually loaded with extra chemicals your body does not need or want.