Fasting For Weight Loss


Fasting is not new to people considering that abstaining from food and drink has been a common practice in various religions worldwide. On the contrary fasting as a treatment for weight loss is fairly new in origin and has begun to gain popularity over the past few years. With an array of quick weight loss plans and products including ones listed on this site which may or may not work, it is not surprising that those seeking to lose weight may well question the validity and effectiveness of fasting when the objective is weight loss.


Arguably one of the most popular but not the easiest plan to adopt fasting is about abstaining from food and drink either totally, intermittently or even partially. This works on the premise that when one does not eat, there is no food intake and hence the calorie intake is restricted. Thus the body uses personal reserves to produce energy which in turn fuels the cells so as to generate energy. When personal reserves continue to be used for extended periods of time it invariably leads to loss of fat reserves and thus weight loss.


Statistics indicate that well over 80% of all dieters invariably regain weight once they stop dieting and a fasting plan is no exception to the rule either. Nevertheless fasting diets are far superior to other options considering that the relapse rate is not as high and may be as low as 16%. On the contrary there is one school of thought that the basal metabolic rate drops when a fasting diet is adopted thus decreasing the calories required. Those advocating fasting diets however are of the opinion that if calorie requirements fall the intake is still lower and hence weight loss occurs in those who are on the diet.

There is more to fasting diets than just calorie restrictions and this is validated by studies which indicate that when on a fasting diet there is a daily surge in growth hormone secretion which in turn is instrumental in melting fat or lipolysis, as it is better known in medical terminology. After getting down to your desired weight fasting one day a week can help you keep the weight off. On that one day you will want to dink plenty of water which will help flush out toxins plus fill your stomach and curb the hunger pangs of fasting.

Fasting With The Help Of The Plexus Drink

Considering their efficacy it is not surprising that fasting diets are here to stay and although they may not be easy to adopt the results are encouraging. To help you get through your day of fasting you may want to try drinking a pink drink. This is a pink powder that you add to water, shake to mix and then drink. It is 10 calories a serving and will help you through the day. For many people the Pink Drink helps level their blood sugar and curbs their appetite so it gets the fasting off to an easy and fast start.

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