Walking And Running

Walking And Running
Walking And Running

You will find so many people are walking and running for weight loss reasons. Some start running to boost energy or stay slim. Running has a lot of effects such as improving the mood, keeping the human heart healthy and staving sickness off. However, a number of recent studies are suggesting that those always running have a wonderful way of maintaining and losing their weight. Research is also showing running all you can is not the only thing you need to remain in good health.

Health benefits of walking and running

Walking has the same crucial health advantages that running has, but recent studies are suggesting running is what you should be doing if you want to shed some weight. Those who run use up more than two times more energy than those who walk for weight loss, whether they are doing it on the treadmill or the track. This means if you are 160 lbs, running would help you burn around 800 calories per hour in comparison with 300 calories burned by a walking individual.


Calories lost in walking and running

The interesting part is that even when walkers and runners have used up the same level of energy, those running for weight reduction will lose some extra weight, meaning that those walking for weight loss must spend some extra time exercising to cover more distance. Runners have a better chance of maintaining their waist circumference and BMI. Brisk walking or running has also been found to be good for weight watchers. Folks who are speedier are much healthier as compared to slowpokes, whether the slow folks spent lots of time exercising or not.

There is also another difference between walking and running for weight loss. Runners have been found to regulate the appetite hormone much better than walkers. After walking, research indicates that you will consume around fifty calories extra than what you had burned while a runner will most likely eat 200 calories less than what had been burned. The hormone peptide YY is high in runners and works by suppressing appetite.

Walking still beneficial to your health

84Apart from loss of weight, walking around is still quite advantageous to human health. Studies have indicated that individuals who used up the same level of calories running or walking ended up enjoying similar health benefits. These benefits include a reduced risk of cardiovascular health, diabetes, cholesterol and hypertension.

Even the most efficient runners need to remember before they run all the time that running increases injury risks while adding lots of stress on the body, such as hamstring strains, dreaded shin splits and runner’s knee.

Doing regular cardio at your own comfortable speed will help you maintain good health, improve energy levels and boost your mood. However, if you run a lap after the other you will burn two and a half times extra calories than you would have done walking, no matter how far you would have gone. At the same time, walking or running for weight loss depends on a number of factors. Running is also not for everybody. If you ran at full-speed, you could get an injury. Try walking and running and find out which is best for you and your body.

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