Fat In Your Diet

Hidden Fat May Be In Your Diet

Caveman Diet
Caveman Diet – Good Fat In Your Diet

One thing that we can tell you is that there is a lot of hidden fat content in your diet that you’re not aware of. While it might look good and in my taste really good, sometimes the food companies work hard to ensure that the taste is so good, that you don’t realize how much fat is included in what you’re eating. Try researching about the caveman diet to learn a little more about bad fats.  You won’t catch a caveman at a restaurant! ha ha!

Let’s say for example, you go out to a restaurant. Always try to go to a restaurant that has the calorie content on the menu and gives you the breakdown. For example, you go to an Olive Garden or Cheesecake Factory. The problem with some of these restaurants is that their food is processed, and cooked in bad grease. Processed food is loaded with preservatives. A lot of restaurants use it to maintain the quality and taste as it is likely frozen when they purchase it, and then when it’s served to you, it’s loaded with a lot of fat when it’s heated up, and its a loaded with a lot of preservatives.

Think the hidden fat content in your diet is fine because you order a salad with chicken tenders, don’t be so sure of that. As restaurants serve you food that’s processed, they usually put that fried chicken in grease that has probably been out for days or it could be just standard, cheap oil or lard, so you’re getting fat from that also. While you think you may be having a good meal, you don’t realize until you get home and then maybe that night you might have an upset stomach. Or it could be two days later that you feel an extra roll on your belly. What’s happening is that the fat content is so high that as you have each meal and you add on more and more fat. You’re thinking that you’re dieting, but you don’t see the hidden fat content in your diet. As you eat more products that include fat, the fat level continues to build up around your belly, and that can also build up around your heart and your arteries. This is bad news!

Boiled Louisiana Crabs
Boiled Louisiana Crabs

What you want to do is change the types of fat that you’re eating and also go on a low fat diet. Hidden fat content is in everything that looks good and sounds good but it’s mostly in processed foods. Anything that you see in the frozen section, usually has a lot of high fat, a lot of salt, and a lot of preservatives. So the way to alleviate this, is try not to fry foods. While this might be hard for a lot of people who are used to having that taste of fried foods, fried foods contain high fat. If you’re going to fry your foods then use of canola oil that’s heart healthy and make sure you stay away from lard and vegetable oil.

If you have to eat out, because you don’t want there to be a hidden fat content in your diet, just make sure to have something that’s poached, boiled, steamed, broiled or lightly sautéed in olive oil. In Louisiana we love out fried seafood but there is also plenty of boiled and baked seafood. This is the healthy alternative that you can pick off the menu. Take those live Lake Pontchartrain crabs to the left. Boil then in the Louisiana spices for 20 minutes and then let soak for 20 minutes and you have a great meal Cajun meal!